Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are so many questions relating to the general topic of “network marketing” and especially about the wonderful vibrating products. Below we can provide answers to some general questions. For more in-depth questions, we recommend getting in touch directly with one of our central or local contact people..

How can I order the products?

There are three possibilities to order the “vibrating” products with wonderful effects: 

  1. You get in touch with one of our local contact people, who you can get the products from. You can also get further information on how to use the products here.
  2. You can register and order the products yourself with a 25% discount. Because there is a lot to take note of for the first order, we recommend that you get in touch with one of our local contact people, who will be happy to help.
  3. If you know exactly which products you would like to get, you can also use our web shop.


What does “network marketing” mean?

There are many prejudices when it comes to “network marketing”. These can be traced back to the pyramid schemes of the 90s, among other things. Today, however, there are many serious companies who have been successful in the market with persuasive products. You can find what we think is a very fitting description of the “network” or “multilevel marketing” here (only German language)

Why are the products not named explicitly?

On our pages you will not find any explicit mention of product names or the product brand. This is based on the fact that these are products, which are exclusively approved as cosmetic products. Because we have the experience stories from people, who are talking about much more than just a cosmetic effect, we cannot draw direct connections to the products. It seems complicated, and that’s because it is :-)
Please contact us if you want to know more.


What should I be aware of when registering?

First of all, registration is free and without commitment. There are no obligations. Basically, registering is similar to creating a regular customer account for an online shop... but there is a huge difference:
The possibility to take part in a bonus system, which in time can lead to a regular passive income!

Anyone who would like to  have this opportunity should take note of the following for the first order: 

  1. If the amount of my first order is less than 80 PV (PV = product volumes, equivalent to 80 EUR net) I am registered as a customer and can receive the products with a discount of at least 25 %. 
  2. If the sum of my first order is more than 80 PV, I am registered as an independent sales partner and in addition to the benefits in 1. I can also take part in the bonus system. 
  3. If my first order is a so-called business package (400 PV = 400 EUR net), I am registered as an independent sales partner in potentially the biggest rewards category. We recommend this type of first order to people, who have the goal of building up their own, larger network.

Whichever option you decide to go for, in the spray4life team, you are in the best hands, because we are there for you with our experience and knowledge about the products and the bonus system at any time. Of course we will support you in building up your network through “spray parties” or information events.


How can I build up my own network?

"It's nothing for me. I don't know anyone. I’m not a sales person!”
Lots of people have the same or similar answer, and they are convinced of the products but have doubts in themselves when it comes to building up their own network. And that’s exactly what we thought too! As time has passed, we noticed that we actually don’t have to do anything other than to talk about our experiences and the experiences of the people around us. That just happens by itself in daily life, especially when we encounter people, who tell us about their health problems. This often turns into an easy and unforced conversation and you simply inform people about the products.
And if you want to inform several people at the same time one day, you can invite us as speakers.