Sprays and products with "information" ?

Cosmetic products that activate and strengthen the regeneration and self-healing powers in our cells.

Tibor J. - Hungarian medical scientist – After nearly 20 years of research, he has succeeded in developing an information technology, which can pass the cell wall.


Active ingredients and information (vibrations) from medicinal plants, minerals, healing crystals, colloidal metals, tissue salts and homeopathy and many other sources are combined and support each other so that 3000 combined active ingredients and pieces of information are actively contained.


The essences are sprayed on the skin. In a transmission that only takes seconds (8–30 seconds), the information is transported to the cell nucleus. This is how the cells can receive much more information than when administered orally and through the digestive tract. Our cells take exactly the right information that they need for a healthy regeneration.


The products are patented in Hungary. They have EU approval as 100% natural cosmetics.


 A purification process for the body takes MONTHS for the cleansing to reach the cell nucleus. The essences only need a few minutes.


Positive results were observed in things such as:

Inflammations, purging toxins and heavy metals, eczema and fungal infections, neurodermatitis, birth marks, acne, wrinkles, liver spots, stretch marks, varicose veins, stomach ache (especially in small children), muscle pain and aching limbs, headaches, bleeding, haemorrhoids, chilblains, burns, sun bun, injuries, cartilage damage, compression, bruises, swelling (sporting injuries), mood swings, anxiety and many more.