December 2017:

Team Spray4Life goes INDIA !

In December this year one of the biggest markets on the planet will be offered the most innovative products for personal health care!


According to the principles of network marketing it is always advisable to be on a top position of the network tree. These positions are usually already set by ahead thinking people even BEFORE the official market entry of the company in the respective country.


Our globally active team SPRAY4LIFE will guide you on your fast career path to become a successful sales partner at our team.


The only thing you have to do is the very first step, i.e. to register directly at the company and by doing so become a member of our team.

Here is how to join the globally active team SPRAY4LIFE:

Register for free!

Please get back to us to acquire a direct invitation link to the largest prevention network worldwide.


IMPORTANT NOTE for the registration process:

As long as the market is not officially launched you have to use a home address for registration in a country that is already being delivered by the company.

After the market launch in India we support you to simply change this address to your home address in India.


Helga Schwarz & Ralf Fischer
Helga Schwarz & Ralf Fischer

Leaders of Team SPRAY4LIFE

Ordering and shipping of products


1. Ordering

After registration you will receive your account details and login information via email.

As mentioned before, registration is free and without commitment. There are no obligations. Basically, registering is similar to creating a regular customer account for an online shop... but there is a huge difference:
The possibility to take part in a bonus system, which in time can lead to a regular passive income!

Anyone who would like to  have this opportunity should take note of the following important information relevant for the very
first order: 


1. If the amount of my first order is less than 80 PV (PV = product volumes, equivalent to 80 EUR net) I am registered as a customer and can receive the products with a discount of at least 25 %. 

2. If the sum of my first order is more than 80 PV, I am registered as an independent sales partner and in addition to the benefits in 1. I can also take part in the bonus system. 

3. If my first order is a so-called business package (400 PV = 400 EUR net), I am registered as an independent sales partner in potentially the biggest rewards category. We recommend this type of first order to people, who have the goal of building up their own, larger network.


Whichever option you decide to go for, in the spray4life team, you are in the best hands, because we are there for you with our experience and knowledge about the products and the bonus system at any time. Of course we will support you in building up your network through “home parties” or information events.


2. Shipping

As long as the Indian market has not be launched officially, please make sure to use the above mentioned registration address also as the delivery address! After reception of the order we will forward the package to your home address.


Yes, as of now the logistics are a little bit complex but considering the capabilities of the products and the potential of the market it is more than worth it !!!


In case of questions please do get back to us directly via email: or via phone/WhatsApp: +49 175 5814912

Wellbeing - Wealth - Worldwide

Become a member...join team SPRAY4LIFE...NOW!!!