Experiences with the sprays and products from our surroundings

The following experience reports are originated by people that are known by at least one person out of our team personally. Consequently, each of the following experience reports can be justified at any time. In case of questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Female from Bad Harzburg, November 2015:


Tinnitus disappeared already after 3 days of using the body spray in October. In addition, the ENT doctor had attested to a loss of low-frequency hearing that would apparently not go away. She continued using the spray for several weeks afterwards. Another hearing test in mid November showed a significant improvement in her hearing curve, even in the low frequencies. The ENT doctor was astounded.





Male from Braunschweig, November 2015:


Has been using the body spray for a few weeks for pain in his ankle. He also suffers from sleep disorders. So far no significant improvements in his ankle have been observed. However, since using the spray on his atlas vertebra, he has been sleeping soundly

the whole night through.





Female from Diekholzen, October 2015


Used the body spray Sensitive


-for Neurodermatitis on the arms. There was already an improvement after the first application. After a few days, the neurodermatitis had completely disappeared. After around a week her skin began to itch slightly, but after another spray it has not come back.


-Used around the throat chakra. Since then better ability to communicate.


-the Sensitive spray was not able to help with tenosynovitis.





Female from Diekholzen, October 2015


Used body spray Sensitive because of a severe cold. Sprayed the bronchia several times a day, and drinking 1 – 2 sprays in 100 ml water three times a day. This kept a cough at bay which had been persistent with previous colds.


Used Auricum Sensitiv on an appearing cold sore. Started dabbing it after the first signs in the morning. In the evening a small red patch, which had completely healed the next day.




Female from Söhre, November 2015:


Herpes beginning to appear in her nose. Applied Auricum Sensitiv several times a day. The next day it had completely gone.



Used body spray Sensitive for a cold, sprayed throat and bronchia several times a day. The cold cleared up much more quickly than was previously the case.




Female from Diekholzen, October 2015


Regularly suffers from headaches. When the ache begins, sprays body spray Sensitive to her neck and forehead/temples. And the pain subsides.




Female from Diekholzen, October 2015


Suffers from severe acne. Has been using body spray Sensitive for around 4 weeks, once or twice a day. Considerable improvement in the skin’s appearance.


Application of  nose spray for chronic sinus complaints – rapid improvement.




Female from Diekholzen, November 2015


Woke up in the morning with lower back pain. A spray on the neck, and one on the affected region, and the pain was gone.




Male from Giesen, November 2015


Mild acne, applied the body spray Sensitive. Visible improvement after a few hours.




Female from Despetal, October 2015


Knee injury after a fall. Used the body spray, a spray on the neck and on both knees. The pain, which was strong until the application, had almost completely subsided. A quick healing process overall.




Female from Darmstadt, July 2015


Applied body spray for severe knee pain. Sprayed every hour, the pain disappeared after a few hours, although the water retention did not subside.




Female from Sarstedt, October 2015


Burn on her thigh from hot tea with a diameter of around 8 cm. Treated the wound by spraying the Sensitive body spray several times a day. The wound healed quickly and evenly, and after removing the scab it did not become sore again.




Female from Diekholzen, November 2015


Use of the mouth and tooth spray because of gum problems three times a day after teeth cleaning. Although after application for approximately 5 days a dental implant that was already loose had fallen out, there was no wound. The gums appeared to be fully in tact.





Female ridgeback dog 4 years old


Bald patch on her tail since she was a puppy/ sprayed 3 times a day for 4 days and the fur grew back





Dog from Bamberg


Ten year old mongrel. Severe injury on his right forepaw due to a traffic accident in the last year. The claw was removed and he had stitches in several places. He also had a lot of problems with walking. In February this year he had 10 acupuncture sessions with a veterinary physiotherapist, and the limp then went away. It recently came back, because he had to walk a lot during a pilgrimage. So he was sprayed with the body spray on the injured areas. After 5 days of spraying he showed improvements of 90 percent, and after a week he was almost completely healed.





Male from Giesen, December 2015


Severe Neurodermatitis in the crook of his arm, on his throat and face / sprayed Sensitive 3-5 times a day and applied body lotion twice a day. The skin showed a significant improvement... All the scabs healed and red patches disappeared... Seen again after a week... Without applying the spray his skin condition got worse... stopped too quickly.





Female from Giesen, December 2015


After a dental operation, everything was aching and swollen, and painkillers and antibiotics resulted in circulation and stomach problems. Used mouth spray every 30 minutes and afterwards three times a day. The bruising went down the next day, leaving only some internal swelling round the stitches.


Same woman... arm of the the cannula injection point heavy bruising on her arm and spreading upwards (resembled blood poisoning)... Sprayed the mouth spray on it... it didn’t spread any further, and the bruise subsided.





Female from Salzhemmendorf, December


Cold symptoms, came on quickly and heavily and went away just as quickly spraying three times a day to start with and then twice a day and later on once in the evening before going to sleep once on the face and on the bronchia.


As soon as it started to subside, she sprayed less often in both cases.


Large blister on her foot, one spray four times a day for approximately one week and then just in the evening before going to bed.


Healed without signs of inflammation (around 10 days).





Female, Diekholzen, January 2016


Afraid and anxious when driving. Less afraid and more room and distance since using the energy sprays/mouth sprays.





Female, Berlin, 20 years old, February 2016


Very bad neurodermatitis on her hands and arms... after just 5 weeks of using the body spray Sensitive her skin was better than it had been for 10 years.





Female, Giesen, 42 years old, February 2016


“My ear has healed completely thanks to the sprays.


In February 2015 I suddenly became very dizzy and I suffered from persistent nausea, and after thinking it was a heart attack, my otologist explained that the vestibular nerve (behind the ear, balance organ) was not functioning. According to my otologist and the internet, the damage was irreparable because in my case it was caused by shingles. In the first months I went to a chiropractor a lot... in the hope that it was a trapped nerve... but with no success until summer. The dizziness improved (because the other side tried to find the balance) but in many situations I was still dizzy.


Since November I have been spraying my neck and my ear. Two weeks of mild earache followed (on a level with my cheekbones). And since then, I have been less and less dizzy!  No more loss of balance. And now the proof!!! Everything is back to normal!!! Both nerve systems are working just as they should again. My otologist has never seen anything like it.”